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Baltic Cruises

The Baltic Sea is a brackish Mediterranean Sea located in Northern Europe. On a long term average the Baltic Sea is covered with ice for about 45% of its surface area annually. Baltic Cruises is a fanciful way to visit striking part of the places with beautiful architecture, remains castles, cone-topped towers, enriching old-fashioned cities packed with vibrant culture and history, museums, commerce, palaces and art galleries. Baltic cruises are a perfect choice for cruise only holidays departs from UK ports during summer between May to September.

You can choose any one of the holidays like short 3-4 night trip or restful 12-13 night’s trip to the Baltic and the suitable cruising time for this region is from May to September. Cruises take you from the UK ports into the ancient and historical ports like Copenhagen, Oslo, Riga, Latvia, Estonia, Helsinki, Tallinn, Stockholm, St. Petersburg and Warnemunde. Amazing historical and cultural sites await the passengers while cruising in this region and shore excursions normally takes you to visit museums, palaces, castles and cathedrals and you can experience the long hours of the sunshine.